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HEADLINE NEWS!  We’re in the process of migrating to the WordPress platform >

Body Shop Web Design SpecialBody Shop Web Design Special Combo (BSET Combo 101)

If you purchased a body shop estimating tool, we will apply that purchase price towards your new website design costs.  Fill out the form

We can also finance interest free and with no credit check, the credit from your BSET purchase can be used towards towards your down payment or applied to the design.  If you purchased an older version (Auto Body Excel) we will credit that purchase as well.

Most shops get started around $139 for the design (down payment), then we send a separate recurring invoice for the duration of the financing.  Typically $25 a month for 24 months to handle the design financing.  Hosting and management fees are processed separately on a monthly basis.  Hosting and management charges range from $69 monthly to $150 monthly depending on the type of services you need.  Most begin at $69 to test the waters and over time, begin to understand the value.

Basics start around $69 and will get you in all the search engines.  The faster we update the faster you get into the search engines, those plans run upwards of $150 monthly.

All plans are adjustable at the end of each billing cycle (we do not use contracts).  If you’re not happy, cancel or downgrade your plan at any time.  Up and down to best suite your budget and goals.

All our designs are guaranteed custom and built exclusively around your shop.  It’s one of the best ways to set your shop apart from the crowd and get it front page in search.

To Summarize:  $139 down payment + $24 domain registration = $163 - the cost of your BESET Estimating tool $69.95 (or the cost of the one you downloaded) = $93 and we get your new website online within 2 weeks.

Yes, for a $93.00 payment, you have a new custom, body shop website online within a week and your next invoice not due for 30 days.

Fill out the form below, we will email you a professional quote that you can accept or decline.  If you accept the terms outlined in your quote, we simply convert it into an invoice and you can make your down payment securely online.  We can even get you on going support free of charge :)  (link opens in new window)  

“More Than Web Design, It’s Service Business Success”

Get the BSET Combo Special