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Terms of Service

Our Web Design and Management Terms of Service

When we design a custom website for a client, it's based on the initial conversation and then the design demo. We demo your design 2 ways, live online (proof/sample on our website) or live in person, we walk you through the navigation and take a look at your colors etc. This is not the time for content, content and design are separate services. The demo is to demonstrate the design of the website, basic content is added just before publishing and can be updated moving forward should changes need to be made.

In order to stay on budget, we only go through a couple of back and fourth scenarios, we are not trying to get all things exactly perfect at this time. Your content upon launch will consist of basic information only. List of services, your about us information and brief descriptions of each and photos we take/exchange during the consultation phase of the process. Any changes to be made are done during the management phases of the website, we add, edit or remove content based on the needs of the website, the SEO requirement when applieds and photo quality. One of the ways we are one of the most cost effective means of launching and maintaining a website is because of our flexible management plans.

Clients Submitting Content and Photos

We encourage all our client to send us images and photos and are excited when they do, we rarely get clients who take the time to do this. But any delay in this area will not delay the monthly charges for your management plan. Optimization and updates must move forward in order to get you properly placed in the search engines or your web project moving forward. We do not limit the number of photos that can be used in a website during the management phase, we only limit the number during the set up of your shell. We add enough photos to get your basic information, your top 5 or so services and get some samples up in your small, basic gallery. Additional photos are added during updates inside your management plan and is the most cost effective way we found to get our clients a fully functioning and productive website.

What is a Shell

We call the website at launch a “shell” because it's only basic information about your business. The full scale website with as many photos and all the content your heart desires is gained during the management phase. Growing content is a critical way of establishing value to your customers, we do this during the management phase of the website, not during the design phase. We understand our clients desire to have as much content as possible in their website, but in order to stay on budget, we cannot get it all up before we launch. So we add basic information, the critical stuff, then build content moving forward.

Search Engines, Management

Getting your website in the search engines is simple but getting it on the front page for your particular search keywords is a little more challenging. Name search is step 1, when a customer searches a search engine for your business name (in other words, they already know about you), they will find you. When this happens its called indexing The search engines finds your site and places scanned pages in their search able data base. The entire process of indexing takes between 2-4 weeks. After your website has been indexed, the search engine bot will then begin the task of scanning and ranking it for relevance. This is the challenging part, getting content on your website that will allow it to rank well and ideally, getting it on the front page to be clicked by customers who don't know you and find you by simply searching for a product or service. This process happens over time and is part of the management phase of your website.

The goal is to get your website the most exposure possible, showing up on the front page for the most search terms and keywords as possible. Increasing traffic to the website and your new customer growth.

How long it takes to get the desired exposure in the search engines depends on many factors. 1-your budget 2-How competitive the search is and 3- Available domains.

What's Covered in my Management Plan

Depending on the chosen services we offer and the ones you chose, everything can be covered. We handle some of it, all of it or even none of it. Each plan having it's own set of tasks we perform.

How Often do we Update

More frequently after publishing the shell to handle any final edits. Adding meta data for search optimization etc. We put your website on a 5 day schedule just to make sure it's double and triple checked. Then we wait until the search engines index. After we find the domain in search using the name search criteria, we begin optimizing for your search terms, this happens twice a month. When we see the pages moving forward to the front page, we update once monthly just o keep tabs on progress. Ultimately we sttle into quarterly updates with a major update accommodate at the end of the year to accommodate new technologies or design trends.

Special Requests

Occasionally a client wants to do something special outside the scope of their management plan, this is invoiced separately and paid separately from the recurring monthly invoice. We email a quote for the specific requests, client accepts the quote, we convert the quote to invoice and resend for payment.


Management plan invoice are generated

            automatically by our software, they can be paid online securely and clients can view payment histories, print account statements and more. Clients can also view work details, time and activities logged on their website for general maintenance items, special request etc.

We have gathered much information in the support section of our website and the support blog. Our clients know we are but a text or email away.

“More Than Web Design, It’s Service Business Success”